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Whats up! I like making art and I like it more when there is a reason for its creation. You too should put a powerful meaning into your art! Enjoy my page ^_^

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Resolution Problem Fixed

ProCreate (the software I use) was not letting me save the high res files as it should have been. But I seemed to have fixed it. I am working to replace the finished/rendered images with the high res ones. Hope you guys like taking a closer look :)

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Fully Rendered Headshot

Full Colored
$ 60.00

I will give you the right to change the beginning sketch as much as you want, but after that I reserve the rest to myself.

I will send you one update shot during the process after the sketch phase (towards the half way point) and then the fully rendered file once completed.

I have the right to up the price on complexity (feathers, weird clothes, etc). I have the right to refuse your commission. My turn around time is final.

I look forward to working with you!



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    Weasyl is such a nicer site, and i started posting stuff here in addition to FA because It is such a nicer experience and people have to actually use Weasyl for it to work.

    But the site traffic of FA is way higher. I'd say just maintain both, from doing reading on how people maintain multiple sites to get maximum commission traffic, the consensus is set up an e-mail account for the commission contact so you don't have to worry about checking each site messaging system or lose contact with a client if the website goes down for whatever reason.

    I like your stuff, I hope more talent artists use Weasyl so it grows, but if you're looking for work I wouldn't blame you for making an FA account just for the traffic.

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      Weasyl works a lot better as well. I have started a FA account for the traffic, as you said, commissions are p sweet haha. But when ever I post something on FA, the files that I selected are no longer there and I have to edit the images back into the post. It is really annoying. Do you have any tips for that?

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        Not sure I understand the issue, that sounds really bizarre. I've never had an issue with a file showing up when I post it, but I have had to resubmit the file If I wanted it to be larger than the maximum default resolution. Maybe file a trouble ticket, but it may take a few days to be addressed.

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    mm i like your art, do you have other sites though? i rarely come here

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      Yes I do! I have a DeviantART account:
      Hope you like what you see ^_^

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        awsome dude, ill check it out, aso you should try Furaffinity, thats a big commission hub c:

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          I would love to get on that site but it's layout is so terrible XD Would you believe its worth the traffic?

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            ahh late comment sorry, Id say put your stuff up on multiple sites to get the highest about of exposure. and like the other guy commented, make some sort of system to keep track. i personally have never gotten any commissions from this site, maybe bad luck. i get them mainly from FA.