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Draconis Tristanis; The Bird Hunting Dragon by TristanAlexander (critique requested)

Draconis Tristanis; The Bird Hunting Dragon (critique requested)


9 January 2013 at 10:24:51 MST

This was allot of work. The background alone took many many layers and much work. The dragon has about 8 layers including thousands of individual scales/bumps. I was asked to do a realistic, non fantasy dragon. I used real lizards, mostly Monitors as my base. The client wanted a brown/bronze color, they wanted the dragon to be about to pounce (lizards just stand very still before pouncing). I decided to make it about to attack some birds and so the one raised claw. "Draconis Tristanis, the Bird Hunting Dragon" 20 x 30, Acrylic and watercolor colored pencil on Canson board. Prints available.

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    WOW! From the detail on the dragon to the distant clouds and mountaintops, it's all amazing.

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    I was browsing page after page of rather uninspiring thumbnails then saw this. Thought it was going to be pretty decent but I also thought it was just going to be digital. Then saw it was you and traditional WHOA!

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      Thanks! This is one that I am very very pleased with!

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    Really got the Dragonriders Of Pern look going on here - love it.

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      Thanks, but Pernese dragons do not have scales and are more swede like.

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        Well, you sure know more than I do. Been a while since I read any McCaffrey, I have to admit.

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          I love the books, have met Anne McCaffrey and was part of a Pern fan club where I did a lot of art for it.