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Big Reshiram by Tripper-Dude

Big Reshiram


7 April 2015 at 21:54:05 MDT

I should have been studying math by the time I was working on this.

I still suck at math even if I study.

Finished version of my previous sketch of this Large Reshiram guy, by the way his name will be Tony for now.
I'll say it again, this was inspired 95% by 's Sergal Stud
Yes I wanted to make those wrecking balls huge just like his pecs.

I'll try keep working on some other female work I has finished in paper. Until then.


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    Not to crazy for male character but this is great

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    Not my thing but I really love the work and detail you put into it~! Fantastic job man :D

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    Nice job on the muscles!~ Muscle is not the easiest thing to draw, but you pulled it off well~

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      My first buff drawing. I've been getting a lot better at muscles, thanks :p