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World of Pipes! by Trevor-Fox

World of Pipes!


All results for the Mario Pipe YCH done in collaboration with Vinomath_DA! The results appear to be more shocking for some than others, but I'm sure they'll get used to it. A wonderful new life awaits them all!

Featured are:

• DrRaccneo becoming a Dry Bones
• DarthObiWan123 becoming a Chain Chomp
• Jeanfluff becoming a Yoshi
• sgtpieman becoming a Dry Bones
• Turbopilz becoming a Blue Toad
• McGack becoming a Koopaling

You can find the stories for each of these images here:

• I have my own telegram art channel! (18+)
• Comm form and other places to find me:

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    Love the art style you've got going on here!

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      Thank you very much! Wanted to emulate the Yoshi's Island art vibe