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(1995) "Scott Shadows: PI" Cast by Tremaine

(1995) "Scott Shadows: PI" Cast


Drawn in 1995. Someone had cut up some poster board into long pieces, so I grabbed a piece and figured it would be a great way to draw the entire cast of my "Scott Shadows: Private Eye" cast! Not every character appeared in my high school comic. I believe I had intended to make a sequel, but plans were derailed when I started my 17-credit load in college that fall semester.

No roleplaying in the comments, please.

Please ONLY credit the art to "Tremaine" or "Tremaine H. Fox" and a link to the image.

This account will be an archival account. Please follow ArrJaySketch (SFW) and ArrJayAfterDork (NSFW) for current content! I'll be picking one of the images I upload per day and redrawing it, and posting it on one of these accounts!


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    Looked like it would have been an interesting read with that ensemble.