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26 January 2016 at 20:22:01 MST

Trying out different inking styles digitally. These were all inked over the same sketch with minor tweaks here and there. (Click the image for a much larger view!)

Which one is your favorite?

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    They all have their strong points. The first one is clear and defined, but the other two are slightly messier, but also a bit more detailed. But, since you asked, I think I like the first one the most. Good job on them all, though!

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    I am torn between 1 and 2! 1 would be a great style for something like stickers or other merch, but I really like 2's contrasting messier look and line variation a lot too. They all look great though. :Db

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      thank you! I'm thinking about doing stickers or something, but that cleaner style in 1 takes a lot more effort out of me. But I know for small items, it would be easier to see

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    I saw this on Twitter! I love them all, they all have their good points! I think it depends on the ultimate use of it? #1 would be best if you're wanting a sort of logo, or web image, etc. It's clear and is easy to read! The others are a bit harder to read but are lovely pieces of art; #3 is easier to read than #2 :) But what I love is they all have character that makes them unique!

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      Thanks! 2 and 3 are more of my "normal" digital art style, as I am most comfortable doing them. But 1 is still very appealing to many so I need to work on experimenting with that one more. It still feels really stiff imo

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        I think 3 is a great "happy medium" between the two :) We're all here because we love what you do normally and are comfortable with, so don't worry too much about trying to appeal to the masses! 2 and 3 definitely have more character and are more "Tooie" which I think is fantastic!

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    the 2nd one has a softness that the others don't. i really like that one best, the varied line weights give it something more unique :3
    the 3rd one is my next favorite