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on 23 December 2017 at 10:13:15 MST

good news first ! just got my firsst screen tablet/laptop so i'm able to get morre into digital work without the issues that were holding me back and discouraging me with my ancient bamboo tablet. i'm going to be doing more practice pieces and small ccommissions while i get aa feel for it and learn how to use firealpaca since gimp and corel essentials 5 don't play well with thiss tablet. (onscreen keyboard sucks lol but it's amazing otherwise)

badnews, i'mm pretty backlogged right now after a rough few months
was sick a few times in october on and off, ggetting to a point where i fracturedmy rib again from coughing and ended up in the hosspital and it progressed to pneumonia while i was there and had to be held for a few days. recovery was slow and i was basically bedridden for a while from the pain and exhaustiion. ffell really behind during all this and only just in the last monthh have gotten to the point where i could start ddoing anything again. pain is finaally down to just discomfort bbut i still have to take it easy and lost a lot of stamina that i have to work back up to :/ i also have to prep for dealing at ANE soon, onn top of owed commisssions, and ttake on small commissions to make rent after being unaable to work for most of october/novvember. thankfully my turnaround for digital work is already so much faster with the new tablet so i'm confident enough to take PWYW pieces

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surreal sculpted badge
$ 45.00


color digital headshot
$ 20.00


-no traditional or stonecarving commissions or trades at the moment

-digital art starts at:
-$10 for small lineart doodles + for color
-$20 for color headshots/icons + for busts
-$45 for color full body
(prices vary depending on character/concept complexity)

-surreal sculpted badges/flat sculptures start at:
-$25 for mini non-badge headshot
-$45 for headshot
-$65 for bust
(selection of gem eyes and custom cast resin crystals, prices vary depending on how many and if custom made, and character/concept complexity)

-taking suggestions for designs to make for stickers


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