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I am tooie! Everyone's favorite orange ostrich! I draw a lot and I really like sketchbooks
tooiebird ♡♥♡ joeypoey

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MWFF 2016 Meme info thing!

I will be at Midwest FurFest again this year! I'm pretty excited but I have a lot of prep to do still!

What days are you attending?
I hope to arrive Thursday evening and then leave on Monday!

How is the best way to find you? How should I get your attention?
I will be in the Dealer's Den at table I 21 (international ballroom). Just come up and say hi (though don't be rude if I'm talking with others please). I don't always have the best memory, so if you've met me before, show me a badge or something that might help jog my memory! If you see me out and about, just shout "hey tooie!" or something! :V If you can't find me and need to get a hold of me, tweet @tooiedraws

What do you look like? What are your pronouns?
A big, intimidating, flightless bird.
I am tall, I have dark hair with a big chunk of blonde in the front at the moment. Also, I wear glasses and have a nose ring. I will have badges that say "tooie/tooiebird" on them. She/they pronouns are fine :)

Will you be suiting?
I will be bringing along my Casino partial (though hopefully I can finish the full suit in time, but I doubt it at the moment.. :c). I'm not sure how much I will be able to suit, but I want to wander around a bit at least.

Do you do trades?
I do art trades on Sunday night! Come find me!

Do you do badges? Do you take other commissions?
Yes! You can commission a badge from me during the con! I have other commission options available as well, details can be found at my dealer's table.

Can I talk to you?
Please do!

Can I touch you?
Ask for hugs, but otherwise, please do not touch me

Can I buy you drinks?
No thank you!

Can I give you stuff?
If you have a gift I probably wont turn it down? idk use your judgement?

Can I look in your sketchbook?
Of course!!! I will have a few recent sketchbooks at my dealer's table for people to flip through!

Can I take your picture?
Only if I'm in suit, sorry.

What's your goal for the con this year?
This is my 10 year anniversary of going to MFF (though I technically missed a year, MFF '06 was my very first con!) I hope to do well in the dealer's den, see lots of friends, do lots of art and get lots of art, and just have a good time!!! Yeah!!

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