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Evie by RedKnight by TimoKitsune

Evie by RedKnight


My goodness, I couldn't resist! >w<

So I've been noticing quite a few people buying what are called character adopts. Basically a character is already made by an artist and somebody can claim the character monetarily with limited/full rights as if they made the character themselves. Typically I kind of shrugged it off in the same manner as I do with YCH (Your Character Here) drawings since it's only a teeny bit more accomplishing than buying a print from an artist. Personally however, I do find the exception for the case of...well, a child-like character. The reason being that I feel more of a sense like I am adopting...only without the IRL responsibilities of course. x3;

But that doesn't stop me from making this as natural as possible. The artist's intentions leaned towards her being female around the age of 12, so I decided to keep her gender and name her Evie. I just am so happy with how she looks; so cheerful! RedKnight really is a great artist and I'll more than gladly link the person's YCH.commish account for y' the meantime I'll make sure Evie receives the best Christmas gift ever, being in a caring home~

Adopted in December 13, 2020 at 2:55pm EST.

Artwork by RedKnight:

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    Are they fond of carrot juice? :3

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      She says, "I guess so, hehe. Though I'm more fond of the karats in jewelry...of course not to eat. That would be silly!"

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    looks nice! ^w^

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      Yes she does. Quite precious indeed!