Hey there! My name is Tianibean! (lol not my real name but still XD) You can call me Beans or Mooshie (Mooshie is preferred)
I am really active on Deviant art c:
So if you want to see ALL my art then go to

Not sure what else to put right here other than i love to draw and i prefer to do that in my spare time
I love to play instruments. I have managed to make it into my schools marching band and love it. I play the flute (7 years now c: ) and i just started the tuba/Sousa. I have managed to play a couple notes on a trumpet and i can play the violin (very bad though XD)
I love all types of music except for screamo and goblin metal and country.
My top fave movies are: all the Pirates of the Caribbean, all the Balto movies, Spirit (stallion of the cimmeron), All marvel movies, all disney movies, all pixar movies, all dreamworks movies.

I might overlap a few of my characters from deviant art. Like my human pokemon August. B. Reed the Typhlosion.
I am going to try and draw more humans here because my DA and FA are flooded with animal drawings XD


Well i will edit this when i can think of other things to put here XD

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No longer active!

on 16 March 2015 at 18:30:52 MDT

Hey! This is just to let you know that i will not use this site anymore!
I will for now on only be active on deviantart!
If you are interested in my art still then go to my profile on deviantart!
I am BossMushroom! If you go to my old account there (Tianibean) then there is a link to where i moved c:

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    Thank you very much for the Watch!^^
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      no problem c:
      thank you for the watch back c:

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    Thank you very much for the fave : )

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      Your welcome 030

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    thankyou so much for following back!!! I love your work!!

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      Your very welcome :D
      :3 thank you c:
      You got some neato stuff too c:

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    Such good works on your gallery I love it :)