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Your friendly neighborhood Werewolf/Lycan that happens to love Tea and Coffee. Some call me the Tea Werewolf since my love for tea is very profound. Also love a good micro-brewed Beer/Ale! Oh yeah, Thunder also has a mad love for sexy underwear. Jocks, Trunks, and Boxer briefs are his favorite types to wear. Can't go around nude all the nice as that might be ;p

All the artwork you will see in my gallery will be done by other artists. Sometimes it will appear in my main gallery if I am given permission to post it and they will not, otherwise you can see art in my Collections gallery.

I currently reside in Maryland and live with Shadow. Our Siberian Huskies usually have all of my attention. When I am not busy tending to their every need, I am usually playing World of Warships or watching various TV shows, such as The Blacklist, Sleepy Hollow, Star Trek, and Archer to name a few.

Balto was my best friend and first husky that I was lucky enough to have in my life for 13 years. Without him, I would be no where.




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    Sad to see nothin's changed with you..