My Mate and I Pokemorphed! by thunder

My Mate and I Pokemorphed!


22 June 2016 at 00:30:43 MDT

Okay, so there's a story based on this. My mate has always been a fan of Pokemon. He's played every video game as well as plenty of the trading card versions as well. And I think watched the show as well. So my best friend, whom is also a fan of the Pokermans decided to bring over a whole mess of cards to play with him one night. They never did wind up playing to say the least and I got curious about them. So, after rifling through a few various cards and such (and having something of a love of Lucario anyway cause he's friggin' cute) I found myself sorting some 1200 pokemon cards. Alphabetically. I'm not sure why. Boredom more than likely, plus it was fun asking questions about them and seeing all the various critters and the pictures involved with them.

Somehow this translated into a talk about what kinda Pokemons we would be and such as well as me saying something about a Machoke being a stud muffin. Which led to me rifling through various sites for Pokemon porn. Anyway, long story short... after some chatting and deliberation and so forth, we decided to make each other Pokemorphs. Mine being a blend of a Lucario and a Coyote, my mate... a conglomeration of artistic madness. A blend of a Feraligatr, a Sharpedo, a dragon, a shark and a Power Ranger. Madness I know. But, it's been a lot of fun designing them thus far.

So here is the Base Level (Level 1) Pokemon: A Dryko (that's my mate... the blue/gold one) and yours truly as a Riyote. My mate even has a list of powers and stats and so forth and has even made up some cute mock cards. I'll post those later I'm sure. But the base ones were decided they should just be full of cute. The later evolves will be... well... far more in the realm of "sexy/ porny". Hehehe. Stay tuned!

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