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Walking Together (In the future wastelands) by thunder

Walking Together (In the future wastelands)


And at long last, the final version of the "Walking Together" picture series! Ironically enough, this is the last one I finished even though the whole premise of the picture was based around this idea I had. Needless to say, I am INCREDIBLY happy with how this piece turned out. Especially that shark Aero-Power Armor. Hnnnng. Sexysexysexysexy. And this picture idea may have been slightly fueled by playing Fallout. But only just. :P

So here is Lightning and myself meeting up, sharing a smoke, talking about things and walking along through the memories of past civilization in a world torn apart by war. We're doing pretty well and he's got a great set of armor, so I'm quite happy with it. Me? I've got my big ass sniper rifle, so I like to sit up somewhere on a nice vantage point with a bag of cookies and pick off things from afar. Lightning is more the up front and personal kind, so I provide cover fire. Then of course, you have the sheer danger involved with strapping jet engines and wings to a shark, effectively making him a triple threat... by land, by sea and now by air.

Lightning the sexy armored shark is (c) to lightningpup on FA.

Thunder the deranged sniper coyote and the arts is (c) to me.

Full rez, super pretty version here:

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