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My name is Thunder Darkstone.

I'm a 38 year old male brown and white furred American coyote. I am a two spirit and of Kanien'kehá ka (Mohawk) descent.

My alt fursona is a Republic F-84F Thunderstreak going by the name Thunderstorm. Yes. I have an aeromorph 'sona. :D
I have a few other alts: an Anubian jackal, a shire horse and a dragon. More info on these to come eventually when I get a free moment to get around to it. Curious about more? Just ask.
I love to write, and writing is my primary creative hobby, but as my gallery will indicate, I do draw as well.

I am happily mated to my reefy shark, Lightning. Konnorónhkwa. :3
Hobbies: Including but not limited to: cooking (I'ma chef!), driving around, crafting things, playing Video games (both PC and consoles- PS3 and Xbox 360, writing, arting, napping, smoking, eating, rampaging around, fursuiting, going to the beach, and planting trees/flowers/bushes/lawn.

Interests: Apart from the aforementioned, Native American culture, spandex :3, loincloths (the real deal... not just a flap of fabric), sports wear (in a fetish sense: football, cycling, wrestling, motocross, one piece motorcycle racing leathers, helmets, rubber, gas masks, Roman and Egyptian attire, etc. this list is pretty long :3), cars, swords, bow/arrow, RPGs, food and cooking, DJ/technical lightning, handypup house maintenance and music.



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    Thank you for the watch!
    A bit of a generic compliment from my part, but I'd just like to display your kindness didn't go unnoticed!

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      No worries and you're most welcome! But I am a bit of a sucker for fine art as it were. :)

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    Thank you for the +follow!

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      You're most welcome!

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        Hehe, and thanks for all the recent faves too. :)

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          No, no... thank you for all of the amazing art! Absolutely stunning work as usual. I was a bit behind on my submission list and finally got caught up again. :)

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    hheee i love your fetish pices heehee im a bit of a huge leatehr dom msucle fan myself heehe

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      Thank you very much! Glad to hear that you are liking them! I'm a touch more picky on leather things. Never cared much for the leather "daddy" or dom scene.