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I think its about time I do this so here goes!
I'm a 5'5'' fox. I love the out doors and nature in general. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. I wear glasses as I always have but, they never hid my hazel eyes. I love classical music. I studied musical theory (musical song writing and reading) for four years so you can always find me singing or humming a tune. Acting is part of my soul and I love to be around people. I just love them so much. I've been told that I'm vain and frankly, I agree. My full name is Cedric Lee Stone.

Now you know a little about my fursona. Cedric was a creation that I made with personality traits of my own.

In my writings I like to combine Human and Anthro lives. So to make things a little fun, I made a world where Humans and Anthros exist together, however they haven't always lived together. I have a whole history outline of this fantasy world in which impacts my writings alot. To me, this is a living, breathing place. As I become active, I plan to write pieces from each period. As a little insight here is a rough outline:

Seperated (Humans and Anthros)- during this period the Humans practiced dominance over the Anthros. The Anthros were "savages", living in the wilderness. Humans feared them. Over time their existence became legend and the Human government kept it that way.

Scandal- The government scandal gives way and Human lives are turned upside down.

War- War breaks out.

"Peace"- the Human and Anthro worlds merge. Lots of hate crimes are committed, many Anthros are treated unfairly.

Threat of War- Just what it says :3

Peace- Just what it says ;)

At this point my story line ends, though I'v thought of ways to continue it. I will see how everything is recieved and go from there.


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on 1 September 2015 at 21:05:58 MDT

Well, I recently just started med school so its hard for me to be around. I'm currently in the process of moving things from FA to here. Just wanted to update that this is an active account.

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    Gonna lay low on the submissions now :3

    Will pick them up after this week! Finals suck.