Uh hallo, hai, hiya, hihi, sup you can call me Twinny. A dude living the life. Has a twin brother, likes oranges and bacon, does social media for the online radio station RadioSEGA, and shy most of the time, haha.

Like taking random photos almost wherever I go. Kinda like my own visual journal or something. Looking to be an inspiring photographer along those lines. Seldom on that front for now.

All art you see in my Gallery were done by others, either as a commissioned, gifted or free-of-charge piece.

Anywho, enjoy what I have. :)


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Is this thing on?

on 30 November 2017 at 20:35:33 MST

So I haven't said a peep on here since my previous Journal post made waaaaaaaaaaay back then...

Unless favoriting submissions, commenting on submissions and recently starting a new job over at Walmart in teh meantime counts for anything. Financially things are looking up now that I'm getting paid more at said job.

I still have a number of art to upload art and for those wanting to see more of my characters I'm sorry I wasn't able to do the past four, five months. I'm trying to get back on that gimmick and hey, brand new art may come in too. Just bear with me as I try to bring my roster up to speed.

Thanks for understanding anyone that read all that up there.

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