Manatech concept doodle dump 1 by TheShaggyDragon

Manatech concept doodle dump 1


21 April 2019 at 17:12:03 MDT

Hey folks!

Due to the file limitations i gotta split this dump into two parts so sorry bout that!
So manatech (as I’m dubbing it) is technology that is built off of the limitations of mana and magic in the DragonScape, What can you do with magic and mana and how can you incorporate that technologically?
Generally speaking technology has taken a different route than a general sci fi future and I wanted to hit on some of the main points here, so I’ll talk about it all top down.

Spirit Computers

A spirit computer is a computer comparable in power to modern computing devices and in some ways more advanced. However instead of running like how a modern computer might operate, these run on spirits summoned from the afterlife.
A bit of a difference but anyways
Typically, specialized mages (known as programmers) have the job of looking for volunteers from the dead to be put into computers for any variety of tasks. These computers do a HUGE variety of tasks, anything from helping run factories and autopiloting ships (air, space, and/or water) to serving as the ‘motherboard’ of dragon advanced board games and even as personal assistants that you strap to your wrist.
Sometimes spirit computers do become disobedient, this could be because the spirit is tired of working in that computer, or perhaps the owner of the product the spirit computer is mistreating that device, etc. Usually this requires a programmer to negotiate new terms with the spirit or return the spirit to the afterlife and summon a new one who is more cooperative.


Due to the presence of the Skysles, the need for air travel and a military air force is quite apparent, dominating the skies is a good idea. And while there are wyvern draconic fighters and flying wyrms known as lindir that soldiers can ride, nations and kingdoms with a lot more money to throw around may want to invest in something more powerful like an airship.
Airships can range from a scooter drek ship (like this one) to giant frigates but that all generally function off of the same method. The wings on the side are segmented balloons, with the balloons being filled with specially elementized air mana that allows these ships to stay in the air. They are then steered and controlled with thrusters powered by pressurized fire mana. Basically the entire lower deck of the ship shown here is engine related stuff.
The crew of this ship is small and this is a military example, since they are not wyverns they need specialized breathing masks and suits to withstand the thin air and cold temperatures. It’s then been kitted out with some swivel guns and a repeating ballista.
Radios are a big deal in the DragonScape. Manatech isn’t really good at making TV’s so instead dragons have built up complex networks of radio broadcasts and communications. These things in many cultures and societies are a status symbol, so many dragons (ormer, mavо̄tur and drekir alike) tend to have them custom ordered by expert radio crafters and radios are generally speaking rather ornate, sometimes built into the home or apartment even as a permanent ficture.
Radio broadcasts range across the spectrum, from music and news, podcasts and talkshows, informational audio documentaries, etc. etc. there are tons of things that get broadcasted and considering some radios can tap in on broadcasts that are thousands of miles away you want run out of shows anytime soon.
Additionally, Radios also serve an almost internet type role in that dragons can create specific broadcast “chat rooms” where they can discuss matters of specific topics in almost real time (though these might be a bit chaotic at times)

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