Manatech concept doodle dump 2 by TheShaggyDragon

Manatech concept doodle dump 2


21 April 2019 at 17:22:56 MDT


While moving pictures are out of the question, nonmoving pictures are a popular thing for tribunes and articles as well as to simply decorate a home with. Mana Cameras simply use the light and energy of a special alchemically treated mana to capture an image and put it onto a piece of paper or to put it into a spirit computer for future reference. These photos will usually be devoid of any color save whatever the color of the mana you put in was. So red mana makes entirely red-colored pictures, green is the same thing but green, etc. the actual image though is usually pretty sharp. The original photo can be copied through specialized copy presses if the photographer wants their picture spread out far and wide.

Military Equipment

The militaries of the deep pulse echo the gaudiness of renaissance type militaries, but are a lot more high tech. Some examples on this soldier would be the info visor that gives them some aid in targeting with their crossbow, additionally their helmet has a radio in it that makes communication a lot easier between regiments and their commanders.
The Crossbow itself has an internal fast crank spanning mechanism to make the crossbow simple and fast to show, and the ammo is made up of elementized mana bolts from a preloaded quiver that allow this crossbow-drake to essentially fire explosive magical bolts.
This is something im still fiddling with so it will hopefully get fleshed out over time

Medicine and Alchemy

Alchemy in the DragonScape is very much like chemistry, just with more of a magical twist. Alchemists will spend time mixing conventional chemicals, specially prepared types of mana, and other ingredients together in specific ways to make all manners of potions.
Sadly no one has discovered a universal healing potion yet, so don’t expect a cure all any time soon, but there are a lot of modern medications to modern illnesses and draconic diseases as well as potions for tons of other applications. Anything from changing the breed (race) you are to granting super strength, or even temporary boosts in knowledge. These more powerful potions though tend to be a bit addictive and have their own variety of mal-effects so tread carefully. Especially since the field of Alchemy is very much still new and highly experimental.

Alright that’s all I got, have a good day!

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