Frank Stein by Therion

Frank Stein


13 September 2014 at 03:46:23 MDT

<3 You got to love Stein! The weirdest feline you'll ever meet but he loves his Springy <3. Pets Stein <3

Stein thinks being dragged is a game! and he loves it! <3 but the frustration is getting to Springy D:.

~Also the animal in this picture is from a pet game. it does not belong to me ! xD

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    :3 I think I had an account on felisfire once...

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      hugs and drags to alien cats website xD Well if you ever want to get back into it, I'm on account 672# with my labby. lol We're always open to helping! xD

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        I used to work for wajas back in the day.. it was probably one of my worst decisions. >.<

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          I use to work at a big chess site. You know what sucks about being on a chess site? Being female. Literally everyday I got a private chat request asking for cybering. Eventually It turned into a game for me and I gave them weird conversations. xD "Your hot!" "Thanks I rub cans of tuna on my face every morning <3 to keep the pimples away" leaves chat room. : D score!!! rofl The weird part is the ones who stayed... no matter how weird it got...

          XD I'm sorry but modding for any site sucks. I was mostly a forums one. My friend compiled a list of usernames, pictures, forums, and galleries that need to be removed every week with over 100 problem content. xD Fuck modding. xD Then the user attacked mods constantly. Then it got to the point that most would ghost there IP address with new accounts. They stopped banning them and eventually just took the abuse. @..@ Nope nope nope nope