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Blessed of the soil


9 December 2018 at 06:33:58 MST

"The blessed of the soil was, and perhaps still are, a group of people who were angered by the development of the land around their homelands. These lands they saw as sacred due to the prevalence of herbs and animals that were important to them. They did not have a name for their group until later on when they became akin to a cult once they began to practice guerilla warfare against the people working and living near their lands. At the center of this cult however was the plant sometimes called the "Damning beauty". This plant has paralyzing properties and the most known attribute to it is that it can reanimate or enslave those that are paralyzed by it. This cult would plant these plants around the forests and even inside towns. Thankfully the plant has very specific needs for it to be able to grow, so most of these attempts ended in failure. More terrifyingly, however, they were known for forfeiting themselves to the plants. This lead to the regions around the cult slowly being infested by the plant based brutes. After sightings and rumors of these creatures, dragging people into the deep forests never to be seen again, began to spread, many people relocated away from the area. Now plenty of moss covered huts and houses remain in the area, slowly being claimed by nature."

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    Their trick'r'treating is spent holding buckets up whenever it rains.

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      This, this is a good comment right here.