Metamorphosis 2.5/4 by themefinland

Metamorphosis 2.5/4


9 April 2017 at 14:07:26 MDT

This was a commission for user who prefers to stay anon. This is an alternative version for the second part

Despite the amount of willpower the dragon may have, after having inhaled so many spores the amalgamate renders it unable to resist or struggle as it begins to absorb the dragon into itself.

"After being forced to inhale the nagas infectious spores for such a long while the dragon had become unable to resist the amalgamate as the infection took hold of its mind. Sensing this, the naga let go of the dragons snout and revealed the dragons now purple eyes, a sign of the nagas afflicted infection. The naga loomed above the dragon with its body and then it began to push the dragon into itself with its claws. After a short while a part of the nagas body became more viscous and smaller tendrils emerged from it, pulling the dragon inwards even further. Shortly afterwards the entire dragon was puled inside the naga and its body reformed back into its solid shape. Only trace left of the dragon being the nagas bulbous and bulging coils."

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    woah, dang.. That big dragon really struggled there, though tis a sad world for this poor guy!
    I do wonder if someone is watching this scene unfold from afar.. That would be interesting.. <3