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Amalgamate clean up suit


5 December 2016 at 07:27:51 MST

These suits, also known as "tin men", due to the claustrophobia they incite when the shield is down, are used by military personnel who are assigned in tasks concerning the small scale clean up of an amalgamate infestation. The suits are outfitted with a robotic frame that aids in movement. If the suits power goes out it is impossible to move due to its hefty weight, this caused the unfortunate demise of several users of this suit in its earlier phases where the battery was not as reliable in cold environments. The weapon is hardwired quite literally to the suit. The rifle uses either liquid nitrogen or napalm as its ammunition, this can be changed in most models, but some older variants of the suit have only one or the other. This weapon is used to clean up any residue of the amalgamate that is found.

Often the infected area is first cleaned either with drone strikes or chemicals after which these specialists are sent there to assess the damages and whether a deeper purging is required. If the amalgamate has managed to burrow itself deep underground explosives are often used to unearth it after which it is promptly incinerated if it manages to survive the explosion.

Sometimes however the amalgamate infestation may be underestimated, for example when these clean up specialists are sent to underground tunnels or caves where it may not be immediately clear how much of the amalgamate is left. In these sort of places the amalgamate may overwhelm the team. Those who have been in this field of work have probably seen once or twice these former specialists who now are now transformed into the amalgamate and can be seen wearing these suits of armor underneath the mass of amalgamate that has overgrown its host.

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    Sounds like a nasty way of being converted, now where to escape as the slime slips inside the suit

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      Yeah, usually that would happen by the amalgamate growing those sharp needles as seen on this creatures tongue and tail to inject it inside the otherwise well protected suits, which usually results in the victim becoming infected instantaneously. What makes matters worse is that the small hole that the needle creates is very difficult for the other team members to notice while on the mission, so the infected individual could lead the other members intentionally into danger.

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        Wouldnt that person feel the sting? Or would it only go deep enough to inject some slime inside the suit so it can do its thing

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          Sure they would feel the sting, however once a person becomes infected they will be serving the interest of the amalgamate, which can result in this person betraying their other team mates, sending them to their doom. Of course it takes a minute or two before the person becomes infected after the amalgamate gets into their blood stream.