Amalgamate parasite by themefinland

Amalgamate parasite


8 June 2016 at 05:40:21 MDT

"As if the amalgamate wasn't bad enough today our outpost had the pleasure of discovering a new form of it, which I am dubbing as parasites, as that is what those damned things are. I've heard of it sending out large creatures at us, but we didn't wager it would go smaller instead of bigger.

Earlier this morning everything was fine enough, or as fine things can be with the rations we get nowadays and with the growing amount of unease going around pretty much everywhere on the continent. The place where we are is built like a bunker so we don't really have too much to worry about here and in case of a disaster we got food to last for months, the crappy sort that everyone else on the field gets. Well I am currently holed up in said place with said rations. however I digress, earlier this morning everything was actually absolutely not fine. As I mentioned this place is built like a bunker right? Nothing really gets in or gets out unless it is from one of the fortified entryways, however what we hadn't prepared for was for someone to let them inside the bunker. That is exactly what happened. The amalgamate doesn't seem to have the ability to use man made tools, but today I saw one of our own men unlock one of the emergency exits and let the amalgamate in. It was immediately obvious that the amalgamate had taken him as I noticed the purple bulbous organism stuck on his head. I had to pull out my gun on him, knowing that infected individuals had to be killed immediately as the infection became obvious. However after opening fire on him his state quickly deteriorated as the amalgamate began to rapidly shape his body in a macabre display, the tar like substance practically oozing from every hole in his suit. Shortly after that several of small cone shaped amalgamate organism began to pour from the door, this was when I decided to run. I promptly hit the alarm to alert everyone else in the facility of the threat as I made my way deeper into the bunker. I took my chance with the first door that seemed like it could keep me safe and happened upon the food storage. In my panic I fumbled at least a few times with my keycard to get the door open, but as I got inside and the metal door slammed shut behind me I left a sigh of relief.

My relief was short lived as I could see the parasites already swarming deeper into the facility and past the storage room. I had to witness one of my unfortunate colleagues be taken by one of the parasites as they tried to run past the storage but had one of them fall and latch on their head. It seems like they have some sort of needles in their appendages to stab through our suits, as after a short amount of struggling he went oddly still, entering an almost zombie like state. The parasite seemed to control the him now, as his body moved to the direction where the parasite was leaning to. I gasped as I noticed it leading him towards the storage room door. I could hear it fumbling outside against the door. My heart sank as I heard the beep of the card reader outside. The door began to creak and groan as it prepared to open, but before it managed to do so I slammed the butt of my rifle on the door controls on my side, thankfully causing the door to go into an apparent tilt state as the thick metal plates that the door consisted of stopped moving with a hiss from the hydraulics. The thing outside kept on swiping at the keycard reader before the same thing happened to it as had happened to my other coworker earlier, its form began to quickly mutate and transform into a grotesque shape, the only thing seeming to barely keep it together being the suit. Apparently after infecting someone, they can only keep their original forms together for only so long. I jumped away from the window as it suddenly slammed its deformed hand against it. I backed away to the opposite end of the room as it continued trying to bash its claw against it. This seemed to go on for almost forever as the window became more and more covered with the amalgamate from its pounding. Thankfully it stopped only a few moments ago and now I was left sitting here in the storage room, listening to the air conditioning whirring silently and then shifting and moving outside. Unless someone comes to my rescue , I don't think I can make it, as I am not going out from that door anymore. So my options at the moment are rather...depressing to say the least. Even worse is that I will have to eat more of those rations if I want to stay alive, haha... Goddamn rations."

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