I am TheEcchiQueen! Welcome to my profile! You guys are awesome and I love talking to you all! So have a click around and get to know me! I am Princess Crashwater on Derpibooru. Feel free to add any pony pics on there!

I have only two things I'm really adamant about.

If you do an art trade with me, make sure it's your own art. I give you guys my ALL. Show me what ya got! It doesn't have to be super amazing perfect! I love all the pictures you give me. So be original! Don't edit a base and give it to me, but feel free to use a base to reference the pose. That's what I do!

And if you like my art and wanna reference something from it. I'M FLATTERED! Thanks! Just make sure you CREDIT me man! And don't TRACE. I can find out if you do. I know how to do overlays. And that's not cool, dude.

But Enjoy my loyal subjects and friends. And Welcome to The Lair of The Ecchi Queen

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on 25 February 2015 at 11:48:34 MST

Heyo! I am TheEcchiQueen! Usually I just go by Ecchi or my friends all call me Crash. I hope I can please you all with my doodles, drawings and all around interesting things! I'm pretty friendly, but I am also pretty honest and sometimes straight forward. I'm not one to really lie to people or sugarcoat things, and I take great pride in that.

I usually draw mainly NSFW stuff it not usually all NSFW. But it varies and sometimes it's pretty cute. I only use bases or lineart packs as references for posing. I don't believe in base editing. I feel it's cheating and prefer to redraw it entirely in my style or curves and such.
Other than that, I hope you enjoy!

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High Grade

1 Character Full Body Soft Shade
$ 45.00
2 Character Full Body Soft Shade
$ 80.00
3 Character Full Body Soft Shade
$ 110.00

Low Grade

Coloured Sketches (Headshot Only)
$ 7.50
$ 15.00
$ 10.00
Ref Sheet
$ 30.00
$ 5.00

Medium Grade

Cell Shade
$ 25.00
$ 20.00
Half Body Soft Shade
$ 35.00

For high grade works, please ensure you contact me with as much detail as is possible, these works take the longest time and I would appreciate that all the details are worked out before hand as much as possible.

Contact for more than three characters, price will be worked upon detail level. Depending on the level of detail, the BG price can change and is not fixed

additional fees for Backgrounds, additional character and complexity may apply


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