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Police Line Up - Wulfe by ThatWickedSmile

Police Line Up - Wulfe


28 July 2014 at 07:41:18 MDT

Badge for Zinn.

This was a fun one to do. c:

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    out of curiosity how much for a badge like this? C:

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      If you're within the UK - £18
      International is - £20

      : )

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        ok sweet will probably wanna get one sometime in the future :D

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          I'm hoping to open tomorrow at least, if not sometime in the next couple of days. I'll announce the openings in a journal. : )

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    I love this and was waiting to see when you'll show it about.
    Mind if you send me a collection offer?

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      Glad you like it!
      And, what do you mean by collection offer?...

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        To the side there should say 'Send Collection Offer' only you can see this for all your submissions. Type in my username and click 'send offer'. Rather than me uploading a copy, or just favouriting it, it comes up in a special tab called 'collections' people will be redirected to your (one and only) copy and all my watchers will be informed I've 'collected' artwork from you.

        Weasyl implemented this to avoid duplicate uploads and so Artists can get accredited better for the work they do, also also having a separate tab for Commissioners that don't mix their commissions with their favourites. Its really handy. When you clicked on the submission page and see this giant weasel saying 'Made for you? blah blah blah' it redirects you to this:

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    This seems ENTIRELY too accurate.