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Teominious / 23 / Gentically male, and doesn't object to being called it, as it's correct, but identifies as Neuter / Clark County, Washington

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Important Notice (...and Apologies For the Brick of Text)

Anybody under 18 years of CHRONOLOGICAL (Do not contact if you've been out of your mother for less than 6,570 days) age. tobacco users (Unless quitting, or desiring to; if you can prove you care about your body, and/or well-being, and/or longevity, I'll be more inclined to believe you care about mine), illegal, or illegally-acquired, drug users, racists, sexists, or other discriminatours of the undeserving, and other close-minded 24th-wit, dribbling, malicious imbeciles need not message. I feel you have little place in society outside of unfortunate anecdotes, and absolutely no place in my friends group. 

That being said, and if none of those descriptions are applicable to you, and you don't mind text bricks...

Hullo! ~

Apologies for the similarities, to those of you coming here from my Ferzu, or going there after this, but I've made a conscious effort to at least vary some portions.

I'm an April 1996-emitted, semi-shy, but friendly, logic-driven, snuggly, glowy, sometimes-lewd, super-kinky, fun-loving dragonid (Sahzet, specifically) who is very much RP - of the lewd, and non-lewd varieties – friendly~ 

Below, you'll find some links I deem pertinent, followed by more information that I think may be desirable, or interesting, to know.

Pertinent Links and Info

Discord: Teominious#6943 (Please message here before adding, so I know who you are... I get paranoid, and don't accept friend requests from total strangers)

F-list: https://f-list.net/c/teominious (Last Update: May 29th, 2018. I very much still need to add and move some things, so if questions are had, please ask about things. Also, mouse over bold kinks to read custom descriptions that will likely be re-written~)

Ferzu: https://www.ferzu.com/Member/Details/Teominious

On Sexuality

The closest descriptour that ticks most boxes of my sexual orientation criteria is "pan". In execution, this means to say, and is shorthand for "It matters not to me if you're male, female, both, neither, somewhere in-between, or something else entirely. If I like your personality, and you're at least 18 years of chronological age, that's all that matters." It's true that appearance does sometimes factour into things, but for the most part, I don't look at someone and go "Oh my~ You are the most beautiful being I've ever seen, or - unless it's in reference to my own face - "GOOD LORDS! PUT THAT AWAY!"; more often than not, my opinion is simply "Yep; you're a human".

In other words, I care about what something, be it person, or object [b][i][u]is[/u][/i][/b], not what something is [u]called[/u] :3

On Romance

While the above may lead one to believe that I'm just as accepting romantically as I am sexually, this is not at-all the case. Curiously, while I can be sexually attracted to any gender and biological sex, I cannot be romantically attracted to anything. I have, as hinted above, viewed many faces, and interacted with many personalities, and at no point during any part of my life thus far, have I ever experienced the physical, or uncontrollable mental symptoms of romantic attraction. It's true that there were two girls in 8th grade that I used to creepily stare at, and got very physically-attracted to, but summer came and went, and so did that feeling, with today's "Yep; human" replacing previous sentiments.

Fair Word of Warning Regarding Mental Illnesses of Mine

I have severe generalised, and social anxieties, rampant paranoia and distrust, an indecipherable variety of depression that does not fit the textbook definition for any of the established types, nor Bipolar Disorder, non-physical habit obsessive-compulsive disorder (with the D most-fittingly standing for "Depression" as I obsess over time, age, existence, and the like...I actually haven't felt joy, or happiness in close to 10 years, sad, but true fact.), existential dread, near-nihilistic pessimism, the tendency to read way too far into things, and predisposition towards assuming the worst outcome is the only one. In addition, I have pretty much no self-confidence, or esteem. I try not to let these get in the way of online communication, but you have been warned.

If none of that scared you off, then thank you for understanding, have a look around, and I hope to maybe hear from you~


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