Slightly-Incorrect Teo by Teominious

Slightly-Incorrect Teo


5 June 2019 at 03:42:48 MDT

Here's a crappy, slightly-erroneous, self-made rendering of the sahzet (Teo) in a basic, casual-wear outfit. Everywhere you see that is white is covered in soft, silky fur, and everywhere you see (and some you don't) also glows when embarrassed, flustered, and/or [redacted, due to foreseeing people complain if I label this submission as "Explicit", I trust most can probably fill in the blank.]


  • I did not think to draw the hair (visible to the lower-left) in until after I had finished.

  • The mouth is now differently-shaped.

  • The shape of the snout is now different, and it's also less thick than pictured

  • I drew the neck much longer than I should have.

  • The Raglan's (Shirt's) central splotch is supposed to be an actual peach, but I got lazy.

  • There's an extra wing-strut on the right (your left) wing; only 4 struts are found on both.

  • The Tail-tips are now white, and rounded, rather than black and pointed.

  • I cannot draw paws, so those (the hindpaws) are off-model.