VF2019 - Linux Pony Badge by Temrin

VF2019 - Linux Pony Badge


26 February 2019 at 17:40:17 MST


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I don't often get to do pony art but i'm always happy when i do~ I love drawing ponies and i couldn't be happier drawing a little changeling. :)

Art © temrin
Character belongs to LinuxPony

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    That is like perfect, thematically, as the changelings have that “dark fairy” look to them. :)

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      Hehe thanks! Yeah i really dig how this one came out and he's just adorable in there. I might have a soft spot for changelings anyways but still!

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        You’re most welcome! :D

        I think they have a more unique appeal than revamps like the bat-Fluttershy or some of the hybrids fans have made! :)

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          Yeah they definitely stand out. Though, i am a sucker for the bat ponies, like Luna's guards. Hehe, my version of temrin as a pony is totally a bat pony lol. Though i've also got an underwater pony character too with kinda bat wing fins https://www.weasyl.com/~temrin/submissions/1209846/sea-horse-vancoufur-preorders-close-sunday XD

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            I can definitely see that! :)

            But you can’t beat a Swiss-cheese Pony! XD

            I remember that piece—it’s very pretty! Coming from growing up in the G1 era, the new “Seaponies” have taken some getting used to for me, but they’re kinda cool. ;)

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              Hahaha swiss-cheese!!! XD

              I never liked the original designs of the seaponies >. > They creeped me out. But the Hypogryphs from the current generation of MLP, I dig them :3

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                I think they were made simple enough............to use much of the same molds--none of them were different, only different colors, whereas some of the regular 'Ponies had 2-3 mold poses used. Let's face it, Hasbro likes to be cheap--even for their new (nicer-looking) Transformers toys, they reuse the same molds and craft different heads. Moonracer, Firestar and Greenlight all have the same mold--which is a shame, as there are so few female characters in the franchise. Even Elita-1 wound up using Starscream's mold. XD Even the early FiM molds were........there were like 2 poses reused--and that was really rather boring. I'm glad to see in the stores that there are some new poses (and therefore new molds).

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                  Oh yeah for sure. They are masters at re-using content ;P

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                    Cheap ol’ Hasbro. It’s no wonder 3rd party makers are doing stuff the fandom really wants. I love my Sajira sculpted ‘Ponies put out by We Love Fine! :) Plus all the great Transformers from Chinese makers.

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                      Haha yeah xD The hasbro brand merch is craaaaaaaaaap most of the time.