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Mini Portrait Commissions


2 February 2018 at 12:15:02 MST

$15 for a CAD Dollar sized mini portrait. 3 slots available! Scan only unless you are going to VancouFur or Fur-eh, then i can deliver them to you. Order at - Select other

So as some of you know, i've been off my computer a bunch recently due to extreme pain in my wrists/arms. I've setup a traditional art station on our dinning room table and it's been working out fairly well so far and I'm having a lot of fun and much less pain. (still got a ways to heal before i can do regular computer work, and i need to do a few more ergonomic desk setup changes i cannot accomplish at the moment.)

So, in lieu of this i've started up watercolours and I'm LOVING them! I gave the #pennychallenge a shot but ended up having no pennies so i did every other coin i had. Loved the Dollar coin size and i want to make a bunch of these "medallion" portraits. I think this might be a fun small commission to do at conventions. Great for the wallet, hanging ornaments, cute charms or bag tags, etc.

So yeah! Here's the ones i've done so far.

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    Oh, gosh...............those are far too adorable! :D

    I hope you can manage the pain in your wrists and arms (having arthritis myself, I know how awful it can be to do anything requiring use of hands when it hurts). At least you've found an artistic medium you can enjoy while "healing up". :)

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      Thank you!!! Yeah, it is quite painful at times. Traditional art is really helping! Heh, on a referral list to see a rheumatologist myself. Suspected some kind of arthritic thing for years but finally getting to the bottom of it.

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        You’re very welcome! :D

        I hope that the specialist will be able to find better answers for you, maybe even a solution! :)

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          I hope so too! Thanks :)

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            You’re most welcome! :)