[WIP] Hallway Wireframe by Taw

[WIP] Hallway Wireframe


26 December 2013 at 22:23:26 MST

Someone asked to see the topology of this scene and such, so I figured I'd upload it. Haven't really done much work on this because of the holidays and such. Planning on working on it and finishing it sometime in the next few weeks.

The scene is 9,374 polys (18,112 tris) for those wondering. Still needs a few models and some tweaks to some of the current geometry, and then UVs, texture, lighting and it's good to go for rendering.

https://www.weasyl.com/submission/252725/wip-hallway is what is looks like, sans-wireframe, for those curious!

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    How are you finding Maya anyway? It's one of the software used in the HNC class, while I'm wanting to get a copy of Zbrush when I can. (Already have some Blender experience though)

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      A few friends of mine who came from Blender absolutely hated Maya, but I like Maya, as quirky as it can be sometimes. Never really liked Blender too much myself. I've been using Maya for about three years now (though I really need to use it on a more daily basis, been slacking lately!) and once you know your way around the program things're quite quick to make and produce if you plan it out right. I only run into problems every once in a while when trying out something new, so I rarely get stuck.