Xerian, Part '5' - Kidnap (Take 1) by tapewolf

Xerian, Part '5' - Kidnap (Take 1)

Xerian, Part '5' - Kidnap (Take 1)


18 March 2021 at 19:38:22 MDT

Originally I wrote four songs about Xerian, to take up one half of an album. But as some people will know, I was at the same time writing a novelisation of the story told in those four songs. And the story got bigger and bigger. So rather than include the Xerian songs in my upcoming album, I decided to put them back on the shelf and write more material to make an entire concept album.

However, since the new songs take place between Xerian 3 and Xerian 4, this throws the numbering system out of whack.

Anyway, it's very late and I should be in bed, so I'll try and keep this brief. It was recorded on 2" 24-track tape and mixed to 15ips stereo. The tape used for mixdown seems to have been from a bad batch so I had to remix bits and splice the tape to try and minimise the dropouts. I was in a bit of a hurry so there are a couple of bits which I will try to improve in a later mix. Among other things I need to get voices for Valdemar and Chaswick to replace the demo tracks I recorded (and which have severe noise problems).

Thanks to sofox for voicing Niall again!

Instruments used:
*Dave Smith OB-6 (the intro is done entirely on this)
*Moog Voyager with Donner Wave delay
*Roland MVS-1
*Hammond XM-1 with H&K Rotosphere
*Waldorf Streichfett with Jurgen Haible triple BBD chorus
*Manikin Memotron
*Korg M1R
*Korg N1R
*Roland D550
*Yamaha TX7
*Alesis DM10
*Behringer VC340 vocoder (Xerian's voice)
*Reface CP
*Hammond SK-1
*Korg Triton Rack
*Cheetah MS6
*Steinberger XT2d bass


He thought he saw a stranger follow him as he made his way to bed
It quickly turned into a kidnapping with a sack stuffed on his head
Xerian: "Hey! What do you think you're doing?!"
Chadwick: "You're coming with us, robot!"

The strangers scanned him and the prodded him and discussed him for an hour
But there was one thing they had overlooked - he was running out of power
Xerian: "Uh... I'm feeling thirsty."
Chadwick: "Oh! I suppose you want some cookies too. Do you expect us to believe that?!"
Xerian: "NO! I have to recharge!"

Valdemar: "Xerian has solar panels on his wings. If we get some sun lamps, that should keep him alive until we can acquire one of his rescuers to build a charger for him."

Niall: "Urgh... who kidnapped me this time? Another anti-wing group?"
Xerian: "Looks like it. They want you to build a charger for me."
Niall: "I'd love to. But I have no idea how you work!"
Xerian: "That's not funny! You're one of the people who rescued me!"

Valdemar: "What do you mean, there are TWO of him...? An android replica...? Are you saying we kidnapped the wrong one?!"

...To be continued!

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