The Immigrant Song (cover) by tapewolf

The Immigrant Song (cover)

The Immigrant Song (cover)


19 August 2020 at 11:47:07 MDT

OK, so mainly for my own amusement, I did a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song". This was recorded on vintage Zonal 820 tape stock using 1/2" 8 track with the noise reduction switched off. Mixdown was done to a Studer A807 on RTM SM900 tape.

I'm not a guitarist so this was a bit of a fiddle. I ended up using a Korg Triton and Roland JV1010 for the guitar parts, using an overdrive pedal to spice things up a little. The bass was recorded direct on an Steinberger XT2d. The drums were done on an Alesis DM10 drum brain, and large amounts of tape echo and plate reverb were used courtesy of the Watkins Copicat. and Strymon BlueSky. The vocals were double-tracked, replicating some of the mistakes in the original song as best as I could (and probably adding a few more).

I definitely don't have the right vocal range so the war-cries were recorded with the machine running slow to speed them up. Extra tape echo was added during mixdown to thicken it up. For the rest of it I gave up trying to reach the same range and just dropped an octave where necessary. Gives it its own flavour, I guess.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

Fun fact:: This was the fifth mix. The tape ran out literally seconds after the song ended, but I think it's the best of the lot.

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