Nigel D'Aryil (collab) by tapewolf

Nigel D'Aryil (collab)


3 January 2016 at 10:14:17 MST

Here's yet another collaboration with ahro This is Nigel, head of security for Daryil clan and not someone to get on the wrong side of. If something threatens Lord Daryil's interests, Nigel will be looking into it, and possibly decapitating it.

While not evil as such, Nigel did grow up in a rather medieval part of the world, and trained as an adventurer, a job that, once you get down to it, ultimately consists of slaying monsters and carrying out executions. Because of this, his idea of justice is still a bit backward and rather head-choppy. This violent streak is something Daryil is trying to curb a little, but not eradicate completely as someone happy to do your dirty work can be a valuable asset from time to time.

Nigel's first appearance in-comic was not terribly flattering:
...but he got better:
As of The Epsilon Project he has become head of clan security as mentioned above:

The picture was inked and coloured by me from a pencil sketch done by Ahro as one of her PWYW sketch commissions. The original lines can be seen here:

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