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Winter's Eve by Taesolieroy

Winter's Eve


24 December 2013 at 22:04:19 MST

As I wasn't going to be able to afford my usual subscription gift I figured I'll still give a person something this year, and decided to do a Secret Santa through ShinxChange on DA This month turned out to be Whitefeathur of her couple Reaper and Kanai.

I'll admit I've never drawn a Russian Ovcharka before, so I hope I did the breed and Reaper some proper justice! Trees/forest/snow backgrounds are also an underdeveloped area for me, and I admit I LOVE working with birch trees :3 I guess it helps having been around them a lot when I was still in Maine, which is kind of what the scene is paying homage to >_> It was also a test in quasi-speed painting, but so far I like the results. The cedars were a butt though, they went through three revisions until I found a method that felt like it worked...

Merry Christmas everyone! This frassled artist is going to unwind for a bit like this couple is doing with a thermos of cocoa/coffe/whatevs (only I won't have thermos, just a glass of water). I have a few big announcements to make as far as what will be happening for 2014 that I'll post in a journal tomorrow.

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    That is an absolutely astounding background - you did an especially great job with the pine trees. Beautiful work! :3

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      Thank you! The trees were a bit of a pain as the main one underwent several variations until I found that right form for the style I was trying to do with it. I definitely need to practice more with backgrounds >_>