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Heart Shift by Taesolieroy

Heart Shift


31 March 2016 at 23:15:39 MDT

Extended bio-
Nickname(s)-Heart, Eya, Hattie (family)
-Type- Alicorn (naturally ascended-power surge)
Gender- Mare
Age- Adult (approx 19 human years)
Occupation- Student to Night Scale, apprentice to Mafloris the Pale, former freelance musician
Hobbies- Music (drums/singing), exploring (mainly ruins), sun basking, literature (musical theories, fantasy, a dash of science-fiction and thriller, and Imp literature)
Friend(s)- Ishaak the Sky Imp
-Country- Draguunis
Personality- Heart Shift is naturally shy and awkward in public environments, particularly when put under pressure to respond in a quick manner. If properly worked into a confused tizzy, she is notorious for becoming accident prone and self-injury through mis-steps. Though uncertain about a great deal of the world around her, she intuitive enough to perceive when something is important to make note of, and can dedicate herself to tasks set before herself to completion. Most times she does prefer to keep to herself if given the opportunity, and can be rather stubborn about opinions (or coming out of her room on a particularly rough day). If pushed too far she can display an alarming ferocity in self-defense.

However, when in a calm or trusting state of mind, she allows herself to relax enough to show a snark-streak around beings like Ishaak. This is often paired with a healthy humor, if albeit trending to dark tones now and again. If she feels the situation calls for it, she can become an attentive and sensitive companion who is willing to listen through another's woes to provide them comfort. On the rare occasion she has displayed a spontaneous burst of productiveness, each being caused by a different source, with results that are as varied.

Bio- Initially, Heart Shift pursued a career as a musician. Most of her adolescent and early adult years were spent traveling to various places, often with other musicians in small bands, to learn all she can absorb in an art she was passionate about. To her music was her way of connecting with the world where simple words couldn't, and allowed herself to express through song.

It wasn't until she found herself in the middle of a crisis, where a firestorm during a particularly dry summer threatened the town she was staying in, that she experienced her surge in previously untapped power to ascension. All she remembers was feeling the overwhelming need to do -something- to help, even if it was to make sure the locals escaped to safety to the nearby coastline. It wouldn't be until later, when she awoke from the massive energy drain of the effort, that she found out she had assumed the form of one of the great dragons her species descended from, and burned a swath of forest to create a swath of safe-passage against the blaze leading to safer land.

At first, she had incredible difficulty accepting this retelling, and the sudden presence of the horn curving from her forehead. For many days no one could get her out of the room she stayed in until Night Scale arrived to escort her to his castle, where he would train her in the ways of using her awakened powers. Even after months of studying under his tutelage, and that of one of the few remaining true dragons in the area, she still does not feel the desire to take on the responsibility that comes with being an alicorn in protecting her species on the small continent they call home. Particularly when it comes to being the ambassador traveling to other countries that populate the world of Elundra. Upon finding she might even surpass Night Scale's power to the level of potentially opening portals to other worlds and dimensions, she has secretly been doing all she can to delay her training to avoid the day that she makes her first jump coming earlier than she is ready for.

Been sitting on this one for a while. I had hoped to post her on my birthday, but much has happened as it were. At least better late than never right?

Played around a bit with a potential style for this kind of toony, not sure what to think of it in terms of how well it works.

Character and Art (c) 2016 - Myself

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    I love detailed reffs, so this one makes me sooooo happy. your art is awesome.

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      Hehe, a lot of my refs tend to be super detailed, and -wordy- >_>; I've yet to know Weasyl's limits, so this is a tester of sorts.