Vintage Vulpine Valentine by Swandog

Vintage Vulpine Valentine


23 February 2013 at 07:27:36 MST

(Image shown is the actual size of the wooden heart.)

Slightly older pic, but I guess it's recent (and decent) enough to post here. :) This was a surprise Valentine's Day commission from Baxxter (the arctic fox) to his (now ex-)mate, Vulpine (the red fox), drawn and inked on a wooden heart, in a vintage "lithograph" style. I have one more of these wooden hearts, so may take another such commission later on. :)


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    Oh man, if you do end up wanting to do another one of these as a commission (or maybe a trade??) I'd so be happy to take you up on that. c:

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    Oh my gosh, this is just amazing!! O.o Beautiful, beautiful work! <3 <3 <3

    (I'd love to do a trade with you too if you have enough hearts! :)

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    wow! This is beautiful!

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    This is such a lovely rendering, you're a great illustrator! Love the idea of this too, very personal and unique ^^