Ulvenoter (aka Wolfnotes) Theater Ad Poster by Swandog

Ulvenoter (aka Wolfnotes) Theater Ad Poster


20 February 2013 at 12:33:13 MST

This is the poster ad I made for the theater play my youngest son acted last year in (he was one of the goat kids). The play was an adaptation of the "Rock 'n Roll Wolf" musical (also named "Mom is Home" in English, "Rockeulven" in Norwegian, and "Ma-ma" in Russian). Due to copyright issues, his theater group had to give it a different title from any of those, so they chose "Ulvenoter" ("Wolfnotes"), and the storyline was tweaked (modernized) a bit as well. If you haven't seen the original musical, you really should; it's a cult classic! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uztGw4tXf0U

I wanted this poster to look like a layered papercutting, sort-of in a "Wycinanki" style (I had actually considered doing it as a *real* papercutting, but it would have taken too long), and I think I managed it okay, though I'm still not too proficient in digital media. (This was done in GIMP on my Cintiq, btw.) As it is, it took me a month to make; just finding the right retro color palette to go with it took two days of browsing tons of retro art and picking out colors from them all. :P And it looks *way* better in hi-res than it does here; please see: http://swandogstudio.com/ulvenoter.png ...Also, this stock paper texture was used: http://ayelie-stock.deviantart.com/art/Old-Paper-pack-67117235


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    The hi-res of this is just wonderful. One of my favorite things you've ever done. <3

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    That's really nice, and yes you know it does look like paper when you view the full sized image, the light shadowline helps with that, the detail in all the curling branches and clouds is really nice!