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Latest Journal Info Scam Update

The OP of the tumblr post calling out has made an update regarding the site. It's an information scam site. Apparently you cannot actually buy the item. They ask for your information and that's about it. Here's a screenshot I took after putting in fake information:
As you can see, they stop it there. There's no option to move on to purchase.

Here's OP's revised post.

So basically there is no profiting from our art beyond obtaining people's information (home address) which, in itself, can be used by being sold to companies for various reasons.

I urge everyone to report this website to google via

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    damn, i really REALLY like your art!!

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    proud mama noises!!!!! i love what you've done with Zess oh my goodness i've never seen anyone put this much love into something i made it makes me so happy thank you,,,

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      AHH!!! Thank you so much ;w; When I first saw them I clicked with the character so much! I have so much fun drawing them ;w; Thank you so much for making the character available!!

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    Ah wow thanks for the fav! ;u; Ahhhhhhh and your art is awesome! +u+

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    Cute art!

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    omg when's the last time we spoke? ;u;