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Air Defense Tower by Svaros

Air Defense Tower


When constructing a city, Tolesian planning starts underground long before expansion begins. The first is establishing a good ground to expand on. Second, engineering work to stabilize the soil. Third begins construction of underground infrastructures such as underground trains, water, sewage, shelter facilities, and metro lines. Next comes the air defense towers for the region. Finally, surface infrastructure such as roads, finally the building of surface structures, and tunnel expansions for civilian use can begin.

The Tolesian Commonwealth understood that fixed fortifications are monuments to stupidity, but that doesn't quite mean that fixed fortifications have their place in point defense. The important thing, though, is the protection of their non-combatant citizens in the vent of imminent threat. The entrance to the underground shelters is usually a regional landmark, and no building may be taller than them outside of business districts. 

The towers themselves are highly fortified with many internal and external passive and active systems. At 30 meters tall (45 meters to the top of the spire) and with 5-meter thick resincrete walls, these towers are near-indestructible to conventional weaponry and low-grade weapons of mass destruction. They are combined with armored doors and locking cover over the entrance to the underground, which can house the entire city for months, long enough for support to arrive.

But these systems are enhanced by an advanced missile defense system. The first layer is fast-moving missiles that can respond to a detected threat. These are followed by smaller missiles able to react to surviving threats efficiently. At a lower altitude, the six turrets will deploy, firing their missiles and, at lower altitudes and weather depending, lasers. Lastly, should the missiles fail, there is kinetic CIWS weaponry that can hit falling objects. These are guided by advanced particle base radar, lidar, and infrared systems.

With their autonomous power generation system, air recycling, and water purification systems, colonists and residents could survive for an extended period. If needed, Tolesian citizens, thanks to military training, can begin to form militias and, thanks to advanced technology provided by the Tolesian Commission on Planetary Development and Colonization, their supplies. While not invincible, they add resilience to colonies and cities.


This one was done by Imperial Light and Machine Works (ILMW AKA me) in AutoCAD. I really had fun making it and hope to do more in the future.

Want to see these sooner? Check out my Patreon here. Thanks!

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