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Tolesian OWT-1A2 Heavy Machine Gun by Svaros

Tolesian OWT-1A2 Heavy Machine Gun


The OWT-1 series of heavy machine guns is a venerable and hard-hitting machine gun. Able to fit into a broad and flexible series of roles, from antipersonnel to light armor destruction, it has a comfortable rate of fire of around 600 rounds per minute. This allows the weapon to lay down practical and hard-hitting suppressive fire while keeping overheating in check. The exception is the aircraft variant, which has a total rate of fire of 1200 rounds per minute. Weight is kept in check with modern materials, with the lightest anti-material rifle weighing a relatively light 30kg.

Development of the OWT-1 Series traced itself well before the founding of the Tolesian Commonwealth when the Tolesian Commonwealth was known as the Valshad Empire, an absolute monarchy. The weapon was created by Imperial Light and Machine Works (ILMW) to take the Shana T-59 heavy machine gun, a machine gun that traces well back to their creators. The ultimate survivor in the Tolesian Commonwealth has been chambered and rechambered before finding itself with the ubiquitous and modern 12x48mm Tolesian telescoping cartridge.

Following a decline in the strategic need for ultra-long-range and hard-hitting sniper rifles, production of other, dedicated platforms eventually ceased and were rotated out of service. However, the need never really died out. After hearing stories of soldiers mounting a scope to a rifle and fabricating a field-made stock, ILMW took the designs when they came across them. Using this knowledge and after significant testing, the Commonwealth birthed the OWT-1A2, a heavy anti-material rifle based on the OWT-1 platform. This was an unusual step, but logistics constraints favored modifying the heavy machine gun for this role.


Once again designs done by the awesome Hard_Lighter. Thanks man!

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