Feline Raikou by Susiron

Feline Raikou


10 February 2014 at 14:52:57 MST

My feline rendition of a Raikou from like 4 months ago. Dude has a big head.

Please check all your legendary beasts vs. dogs debates at the door because I don't care. Draw them like weasels if you fucking want to YOLO

Pokemon belong to Nintendo.
Art by me.
Drawn on SAI.

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    This is beautiful! The legendary dog-whatever's are my favorite legendary beasts, and Raikou is number one in my book! I love how you did the markings, so pretty!

    You should draw Entei as a foo dog, I always thought he looked close to a foo dog!

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    Oh man I transferred my Pokemon 10th Aniv Event Raikou into X the other day and holy crud Raikou is by far the cutest pokemon in amie and the game in general imo sadfk jadfljdh. The other legendaries are super majestic and kinda indifferent and then Raikou is just like "love me I'm cute!!" But anyways. I love how you drew him here ahhh. Your takes on pokemon are really great.

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    I love both of your versions. The face markings on this one are so cool!

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    I really like this rendition, especially the stripes!

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    Oh man, I love both your versions but I think I like this one best. Raikou always struck me as a big fluffy goober and I love what you did with its tail and 'cloud cape'!