The Fattest Princess by StrongerThanDirt

The Fattest Princess


17 January 2014 at 22:15:04 MST

Something done for me by the wonderful Rakko ~!

Earlier that day Jessica was asked if she wanted to play a game of Fat Princess. Now, it was a fun little capture the flag style game, though it had been a while since she had played it. She decided she'd give it a go anyway, not having anything planned for the afternoon.

Little did she know that what they really meant was having her put on a dress and stuffing her with what must have been magical cakes. She softened up real quick and filled out that massive dress she was given to wear.

...Well, at least no little men would come to take her away. She was far too fat for that to happen.


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    Eeeeee hee hee! Fat princess! <3

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      I've been wanting to do Fat Princess themed art for a while too. Much inspiration now! ^ ^

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        I've been wanting to do one too! Maybe a themed commission thing once I feel I'm good enough. :3

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    What a big beauty <3 <3 <3 that size fits on you very good Miss Jessica.