An Araltian Adventure - Sasha by Stampy

An Araltian Adventure - Sasha


17 January 2019 at 08:31:48 MST

"So are we... Are we just going to ignore all of this? The impossibly huge giants, this entire city being scooped into some sort of weird dish, the giant glass and metal thing in the sky?"

It matters not to us, at the moment. We still tower over this city and its meager inhabitants.

I see no reason to distract ourselves from our show of power. Things seem to be stable, for now.

Sasha looked down at the buildings in her hands. Large offices, easily and comfortably wrapped up by her slender fingers. Her claws had punched through the glass and concrete without her even noticing.

Ignore it! Focus on this city. Grind it into dust beneath your paws.

We are deities to these mortals. This is our realm, to rule as we see fit, and the specks who inhabit it are nothing to us.

"But that's just it!" Sasha cried, "look at the size of those whatever-they-ares that kidnapped us! Don't you remember that we couldn't even see all of them until now? Just what little part of it was below the cloud layer- that was barely enough to see the edges of their toepads! Yes, we're gods to the normal people in this city, but if that's what we are then what the heck is that yellow thing to us? We're not even big enough to be dust!"

Silence! Don't be distracted! We're towering gods here. That's what matters. That... That's all that is important for now!

Silence your concerns. Stop bringing them up! Stop talking about the- just silence yourself! We have a kingdom to subjugate.

"You ARE scared!" Sasha was both reassured and horrified by the idea. "You know we're dealing with... With... Something just entirely and totally beyond us! Some alien being so huge that even its fur strands are thicker than you can make my hair has literally ripped us from the surface of our world, and put us... I don't even know, is this some kind of giant microscope?! It might as well be, I can't imagine any other way that thing could have seen us!"

We are not afraid! Our power is absolute! W-We are unstoppable!

Do not assign your mortal fears to spirits such as we! All are mites beneath our p-paws!

Light gleamed across the dish in the heavens, forcing Sasha to squint and wince. "Oh goodness... Wh-What do I do now?"

(Story by  VDO)