An Araltian Adventure - Fang by Stampy

An Araltian Adventure - Fang


17 January 2019 at 08:31:16 MST


The thought zapped through Fang's brain like an explosion, and her body reacted without hesitation.

A moment ago, she'd been distracted. A strange new landscape with strange new sights and strange new terrain. She'd been afraid, fearful, unsure. But when she'd stopped to sniff the air, that wonderful scent of the most important of all things had hit her senses, and her focus was honed like a laser on the Sisyphian appeasement of her insatiable hunger.

The highest portion of Fang's brain identified- Medulla. Tricky, powerful, strong, fast. One of the most fearsome predators. Possibly the closest to Fang herself. Dangerous and hard to catch, by any relative standard.

The entire rest of Fang's brain was focused purely and entirely on how to best grab, devour, and enjoy her paw-sized meal. The simplest plan- sneak up and grab- was leading the pack by a tremendous margin.

Adrenalin started flowing through her system. Eyes narrowed, muscles tensed, tongue drooled. Beneath her vast and powerful frame, the weird layered landscapes creaked and bowed. The strain of carrying her body made them sag and droop, lowering her broad paws towards the bottom layer's pooling waters. The sounds of a crashing waterfall a hundred times bigger than the wildest downpours on earth helped mask her frighteningly quiet body, an advantage she didn't need but was delighted to have.

As her toes parted clouds and her fingers clenched entire mountains to dust, tension coiled and grew inside her like a massive spring. Fang had an entire new world to explore and devour, but this delicious little snack was going to be first.

(Story by VDO)