An Araltian Adventure - Medulla by Stampy

An Araltian Adventure - Medulla


17 January 2019 at 08:30:48 MST

Finally. Finally! Finally free to rule. At long long last, it was Medulla's turn to be the greatest of all predators.

No more running from that big dumb toothy beast. No more watching as she scooped up and snacked on groups of tribes Medulla had been planning to turn into feasts. No more subsisting on the meager specks too small for the apex hunter to notice. Medulla was going to eat, and eat, and eat, and eat, and nothing could dare try to stop her. It was her world now... Whatever this weird blue-stone world was, anyway.

Medulla proudly sprawled across the low canyon ridge, her arms and chest and stomach flattening hills and valleys into dust. She didn't care. They were too small to bother checking for food. She wanted her first meal as the new queen of predators to be worthy of her supremacy. She was the greatest of all hunters, now, and she deserved it.

Her toes shifted slightly, upheaving nearly half a thousand feet of forested earth into a ridge of brown dirt. It expanded the slight gap between her two largest digits on that paw, creating an inviting and inescapable crevice for her food to flee into. Onyx always acted like she was the best of all the predators, and now Medulla would be able to find out if she tasted best, too. And all the Marowak had to do for it was lazily spread her toes, wait, and clench them up again to snare her inaugural morsel. She might even let the no-touch liquid heat up her meal a bit! It wasn't as if the minor trickle posed her any danger, after all.
Medulla smiled down at her snack. Finally!

(Story by  VDO)