Beyond Pawception 27 by Stampy

Beyond Pawception 27


27 November 2015 at 18:46:56 MST

"All set down there, Karin?"

Just one more moment, if you please- there we are! Your delightful toering has been remade! All of your devoted and loving worlds, kept safe and comfortable upon your body.

The young sphinx grinned, the subtle motion of facial flesh and fur unleashing visible shockwaves that transformed physics and time in vast swathes until her powers self-corrected and returned things to how they were before her simple shift of expression. Kiya never even noticed. "Perfect! I wish for all my Gods' wonderful worlds and followers to be very comfortable and happy. I'd not be a good Princess if I couldn't take care of them, since I'm their mortal representative!"

With a friendly giggle, Karin pointed out, I'm not sure you can still accurately say that- but you make such a wonderful divine representative, I doubt anyone will mind!

Kiya joined with a giggle of her own. Her chest shook and jostled with her quick bursts of mini-laughter, ruffling her belly fur and brushing gaps in spacetime like claws raking through paper. Again, Kiya's divine strength sealed the wounds and unmade the disturbances. Again, without Kiya even knowing they took place.

So then, Lady Kiya, what now? Still going to search for your Gods? I know that, for all your size and power, you are still their little devoted servant, and you rely on them for guidance and strength.

"Exactly! Without them, I'd be lost. I… I wouldn't even know what to do! Serving my mighty and powerful Gods is my whole life. They give me purpose, they give me meaning, and they give me power! … Er, a whole heck of a lot of power. To tell you the truth, sometimes I wonder how ludicrously terrifyingly nonsensically omnipotent they must be if they can give a mere fledgling sphinx sub-goddess like myself THIS much power, but… I have faith in them! They know what they're doing."

Of course, Karin agreed with a nod. And… This is a bit out of the blue, and I apologize for it. But, if, someday, when you've had a long long time to grow and develop and learn their ways… Do you suppose, if they offered to let you join them in their true Pantheon, that you would accept, and do your best to help them rule?

"... M-Me? Allowed to…?" Blushing a furiously hot red across her entire face, Kiya tilted her head. Her ear brushed through approximately 0.08% of everything. Literally, everything. "I… C-Can't even imagine that! Goodness, that'd be utterly terrifying! I'd probably be too overwhelmed to do anything but freak out, if I think about it! But… I mean, if for some strange unknowable reason, they decided to ask me to serve the all-powerful Egyptian Gods more closely? It's just too overwhelming to even dream of! But, yes. I'd absolutely do my best to help them rule justly and fairly, and to bring prosperity to all under their benevolent gaze. After all, I'm a mere servant of their every whim, and I would be honored and delighted to attend to their every desire! ... Why do you ask?"

Just wanted to see if there was a plan in place! After all, you've been going through quite a number of unprecedented growth spurts for a while now. They must wish to bring you up to size to meet them for something important!

Kiya closed her eyes with a hearty laugh, and curled her toes in glee.

The Gods of Egypt were in disbelief at first. They were certain that something had triggered the true and final armageddon. Yawning chasms cracked wide across reality, gaps leading out of what was and leading to what wasn't. Rules and laws ceased entirely, no bindings nor logic able to withstand the quakes. Time was compacted into a singularity and beyond, all moments happening simultaneously in a nonsense jumble of sand and statues and tawny brown toe fur.

When the preshocks finally finished and were overwhelmed by the actual Godquakes from Kiya's slight scrunching of digits, things got downright chaotic.

"Oh, Karin, you silly Goddess," Kiya purred, not suspecting for even a fraction of a fraction of a second that she had just entirely broken half of existence with the impact of her toes gently pressing together. "We're not talking about mere omnipotent beings- we're talking about the Egyptian Pantheon. If they were trying to grow me big enough to meet them, I'd already be there- and far too big to interact with you in ANY form!"

Ah! I should have known, Karin giggled, squeezing her paws together and mentally amplifying Kiya's voice so that her beloved "beyond-omnipotent" Pantheon could hear every word in clear detail. Anyway! I've kept you busy for long enough. Don't you have some growing to focus your full might and power upon?

"I do!" With a grin so resolute and determined and excited that it pulled the battered and disoriented fragments of reality shattered by her Godquakes back into one piece, larger and more resplendent than ever before, Kiya gave Karin a final nod. "Thanks so much for helping me, Karin. I promise I won't forget you, even if I get so big I can barely see you with my full divine sight! I'll put in a really good word for you with Egypt's Pantheon. Just try to not be overwhelmed if they give you a reward!"

I'll do my best, heh! For now, you just focus on doing your best to care for your worlds… And to grow!

Writeup by  VDOplus

Zoom out and even futher and we can see where Karin (and everyone else) is - safely in the confines of Kiya's jewellery. Kiya and Karin are absolutely adorable together <3

Kiya belongs to myself.

Commissioned by Artie