Beyond Pawception 26 by Stampy

Beyond Pawception 26


26 November 2015 at 16:20:22 MST

Don't tell me it's the feline again. Please don't tell me it's the feline again.

W-Well... Karin slowly leaned away from her paws, looking up, and up, and up, and up, and very much more up indeed. I'm not sure how to do that without lying. And I'm not going to lie to you, Lady Charity! You're my direct superior, after all! Maybe I can point out she's only part feline, because she's a sphinx?

Karin. I am still cleaning up statues and pyramids from the last time she got anywhere near our worlds.

She didn't mean to cause any trouble, though! She didn't do that on purpose. She was asleep when she rewrote all of reality and history.

Which, in addition to being utterly terrifying, is all the more reason to be concerned. The girl has no idea of her true power. She doesn't have even the faintest inkling of just how far beyond other deities she is. She gains more size and strength in a single instant than even I have gained in my entire existence... Yet she barely even considers herself an actual goddess.

She really does! Isn't it adorable, Lady Charity? So humble and dedicated to her people and her gods… I wish I could be even a fraction as modest and devoted to others!

Resisting the swell of adoration and excitement which literally overflowed Karin's body as best she could, Charity managed to avoid anything more than cracking a hint of a smile. She… Could reasonably be called cute, yes. But still, the girl is an unfathomable font of divine might which could be conservatively described as 'unlimited.' And she is wholeheartedly dedicated to her barely-divine, struggling pantheon and its deities, one which could very easily have entirely died out without her intervention- actually, wait, where is her pantheon right now…?

Karin wiggled her toes slightly, shifting the fabric of reality in subtle waves.

Charity stared up at the towering bastion of raw divine glory above, easily dwarfing all but the grandest of Omniverses and expanding faster than all of them combined. Grains of sand which were comprised of trillions of trillions of multiverses formed a breathtaking landscape held aloft by clouds of semi-physical divinity, spreading out and reshaping worlds it touched into a resplendent utopian miniature of itself: Egypt. Monuments, subpantheons, and especially nonsensically oversized statues covered every exposed nanometer of the celestial island, radiant focal points for the worship and empowerment of the gods and goddesses who called it home- and the gods and goddesses who worshiped them upon it. And over it all, resting proudly and calmly against a central megapyramid as its power fuelled the existence and expansion of the realm, was her. A flawless, accurate-down-to-the-subatomic, perfect recreation of the Sphinx who had singlehandedly taken her Pantheon from a dead and forgotten religion to an arch-superpower among gods. Princess Kiya herself.

Charity tried not to think too hard about the fact that even a single fur strand on the glowing statue was immeasurably more powerful than the Suicune herself was.

Don't worry, Lady Charity! I've almost helped Lady Kiya finish converting her beloved jewelry into safe havens for her many realms. Just please don't mention to her that her ACTUAL home Pantheon and her gods are really down here snug between my toes. They're quite worried about how big she'd grow them if she had any idea!

Charity let out her biggest sigh yet.

Writeup by VDOPlus

Sorry Charity, is indeed the feline!

In the sequence you may have noticed that there are countless alternate realities. Many of those alternate realities are very different and alien, depending when they branched off from our own. However there are also a countless many that are very similar, and this Kiya here is from one of those alternate realities. One of many, many different Kiyas from across the omniverse, but certainly the most powerful, and definitely the biggest.

Kiya's abilities and powers come from worship. In regular Kiya's Universe she has a devout following of a few ten-thousand at most that worship her giving her the ability to grow rather large and defend her country. However this Kiya's woship base got so large and renowened that she's worshipped not only the whole world over, not only across the universe, nor just throughout her omniverse, but by the very gods that she worships herself. The only problem is? She is so blinded by her own faith that she doesn't have the slightest clue. She thinks she is a mere demigod, and far beyond the endless space her gods must reside.

What makes things worse is that she occasionally asks for her gods to grant her power to do certain tasks or overcome certain hardships or obstacles. And every single time she finds the power to do so! The problem is while she thinks it's from her gods, it's actually from her own endless untapped abilities. So she praises and woships her Gods even more for it in thanks.

Also the keen eyed amongst you might recognise something familiar about this picture.

Karin belongs to VDOPlus
Kiya belongs to myself.

Commissioned by Artie