Beyond Pawception 17 by Stampy

Beyond Pawception 17


17 November 2015 at 15:37:03 MST

"Hm hm hm- ugh, shoo, you goofy little things!" Niamh casually brushed off her jacket, flinging a few dozen tiny universes off the warm fabric. "I just can't find a spot here where you don't end up all over me, can I? Oh well, heh, not THAT much worse than snowflakes, I guess."

The Glaceon shrugged, and crouched down to focus on her board. The oversized length of sturdy plastics was sized for a particularly large adult- which meant the young teen's blue fluffy paws completely overfilled the meagre paw straps. She'd had to strip them bare and replace them with the absolute largest sizes they sold in stores. And when those turned out to be too cramped as well, she'd had to get them custom made, instead! The sheer difficulty involved in finally finding a board that could fit her enormous limbs had driven her crazy, but now that she finally had equipment that didn't feel like a big squeezing vice for her poor paws, she could definitely admit that it had been entirely worth every last-

"Oh for the love of- come oooooon!" Her paw wobbled uneasily atop the balloon-like sphere of yet another lost universe. The blasted thing had managed to sneak under her paw just as she lowered it, leaving it smooshed into her toasty pads and the unyielding board. "How many dozens of times is it going to take before I can so much as strap on my clasps, huh, guys? At this rate the only reason I'll be able to get things done is because I'll have grown so big you're all nothing but specks! Maybe I should just do that. huh…? Oh, forget it. You wandered into this mess, so don't blame me for it!"

With that, Niamh firmly- "... Oh." Or, rather, Niamh started to firmly straighten out her leg, but with only the barest effort from her thighs and calves, her paw was pushed mostly flush with the board. Tiny bits of blue peeked out from between her digits, portions of the squished universe flattened out beneath her massive, powerful paws. "... Huh. I'd have figured an entire universe would be a little bit stronger… Well, not gonna complain!"

The young Glaceon returned to tying her straps, noticing with annoyance that the long strips were starting to feel a bit snug again- even with the excuse of an entire universe padding things out a bit, it probably wasn't going to be too much longer before she'd need to have them extended yet another time. It was starting to get annoyingly regular these days. She took out her annoyance by lightly squeezing two toes together on her other paw, effortlessly smooshing another stray universe between the thick fluffy walls.

"There we go. And how about you, hm? Gonna stick it out down there?" As she finished and rose back upright, Niamh casually wriggled and splayed her toes, letting bubbles of space peek out from the gaps as her paw and digits slid around on the smothered universe underneath. She could already feel it dwindling away from a mildly annoying lump into an unnoticed bump, and it'd not be long before she grew big enough to ignore it entirely.

"All right then! Your call. Don't blame me if you get lost in my paw fluff, though!" Grinning, Niamh leaned into position and flipped down her goggles. "Okay, universe! Er… Universes? Whatever. Here comes Niamh!"

Writeup by VDOplus

Part 17, and we've done it! We've hit universe sized! Or rather, exceeded it to the point that the biggest universes are smaller than Niamh's gigantic toes. While she always has the largest paw size of any of my cast, It must be quite an unsual trip for her, as she normally isn't even macro! But hey, if you're big enough universes and snowflakes are kinda the same thing right?

So here she is strapping those huge paws of hers into snowboard, along with our entire universe.

Niamh belongs to myself
Jeanine belongs to VDOplus

Commissioned by Artie


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