Beyond Pawception 16 by Stampy

Beyond Pawception 16


16 November 2015 at 15:48:31 MST

"Oh goodness, that big Lucario gal is just ever so adorable! And so swift, too! I'm so impressed! I do wish I could hear what she was saying, but she's just not quite big enough to really hear, and I think I'm growing just a teensy little tad bit faster than she is as well..." Jeanine shyly nibbled on a massive clawtip, staring far down at the rapidly-dwindling blue and yellow blur. "Hm… I wonder who'd be faster in a race, my big sister Izzy or this cute Lucario? Ooh, I bet they'd have ever so much fun zipping around together! Maybe I should offer some sort of friendly gesture to introduce myself to her…? Yes, I think that'd be a splendidly grand idea!"

With practiced control and gentle caution, Jeanine lifted a leg and extended a thick toe out beneath her new friend-to-be. "Hello down there! Ever so sorry to bother you, but I wanted to be polite and introduce myself! Please do try your best not to be intimidated, if you'd be so kind? I promise I don't mean any harm at all, not even a little bit! I'd offer not to loom so hugely, but I simply can't help it in the least no matter how hard I try. And I'm quite firmly sure that it'll be at least a good minute or two before I get too big to even see you at all down there! Oh, but I'm rambling again, so terribly sorry! Entirely my fault. I'm prone to speak for much too long, haha! I just wished to offer you the borrow of my dainty little itty bitty Nido toeclaw. I'm not using it particularly for much at this moment, and I think you'd like a nice large surface to rollerblade around on? You're very very good at that, by the way! It's really quite breathtaking seeing you swoosh across the stars like it was nothing, even bigger than entire galaxies! It just leaves me flabbergasted, in such a nice way, and also did I mention…"

Writeup by VDOplus

Part 16! You didn't think I could draw a sequence with Dr. Sparkee, Elizabeth and Izzy and leave out "little" Jeanine do you? She seems happy enough watching the relatively "microscopic" Lucario skate around her claws while filling most of the observable universe herself!

Lucarina belongs to myself
Jeanine belongs to VDOplus

Commissioned by Artie