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Beyond Pawception 3/12 by Stampy

Beyond Pawception 3/12


"... You know you're still allowed to talk, right, Alex?"


"Hah!" Tasha smirked, a hint of wicked teeth peeking out from between her lips. "Okay, maybe you can't, then. Should I loosen up a bit to let you speak your mind?"

Alex frantically shook his head- or tried to, at least. Tasha's tremendous paw, thick and heavy and smothering, had his head locked completely immobile simply by resting lazily atop it with a slight curl of her toes. His strongest efforts didn't even sway the silky paw fur strands brushing his face. "Rmm-mmrfph!"

Tasha shrugged, her thick shoulders rolling and sending strands of her hair spilling over her back. "All right then, 'yena boy. Fine by me. You make a pretty handy pawrest anyway." One of her toes slid in a small arc, stroking its beastly claw through Alex's dark hair. The movement made her toepad brush one of his ears.

The portions of Alex's body which were not pinned tight by Tasha's paws shivered in glee.

Writeup by VDOplus

And now we're off for real. Turns out the paws in part 2 belong to Tasha and Alex, Alex seemingly just as lost Artie is in Tasha's paws. I wonder if they ever know that Artie's lost between them? Probably not! But wait, what is that strange purplish ground?

Alex and Tasha belong to VDOplus
Commissioned by Artie

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